• To reduce the menace of poverty among the rural poor and build appropriate infrastructure through various rural development strategies.
  • To reduce water borne diseases by ensuring the availability of protected water for all the people in the target area through collective actions of possible stakeholders.
  • To facilitate the creation of comprehensive sanitary facilities in the target area for leading a healthy life through participatory actions.
  • To reduce the incidences of HIV/AIDS/STI infections through awareness, prevention strategies and other means in the target area.
  • To reduce the problems in Reproductive and Child Health and RTI infections through health care, medical care, awareness and education actions.
  •  To increase the income and income earning capacities of the target people especially poor and marginalized women through imparting skills required for involving in Income Generation Actions and implementing income generation projects with the collective efforts of various stakeholders.
  • To strive for social justice through building and facilitating community based organizations (CBOs) among target people and networking, lobbying and building appropriate advocacy.
  • To capacitate CBOs leaders, target people with necessary information, knowledge, skills and expertise to involve in various empowerment and development actions and processes.
  • To reduce the perils and burden of victims of natural calamities (including flood, famine, drought, earthquake, Tsunami etc,.) to lead a normal life by rescuing actions and implementing  various kinds of sustainable rehabilitation measures.
  • To facilitate the empowerment of disabled children, people through rehabilitation measures, capacity building, implementation of development schemes and other empowerment processes.
  •  To eliminate child labour in the target area and providing rehabilitation measures for the overall development of children to build as the pillar of the nation in future.  
  • To empower women (rural, marginalized, disadvantaged and poor) through various kinds of socio, economic and cultural interventions, development programmes, capacity building actions etc to play their due role in the overall development processes.
  • To make human rights enshrined in the constitution and various International conventions possible and true to the target people by facilitating women, children and target people to be appropriately assertive, conscious and knowledgeable and through legal actions.
  • To reduce the burden, loss, risks of consumers by creating and building awareness, behavioural change among the consumers in the target area and legal actions. 
  • To facilitate the socio and economic development among the Irula Tribe people through the implementation of micro credit, micro enterprises, Income Generation, awareness building, capacity building programmes.  
  • To conserve soil and water through watershed development actions and strengthening of water harvesting structures and practices.
  • To increase the green cover in the target area with horticultural, timber, fodder, fuel varieties of trees through participatory actions of various stakeholders.