Family Counseling Centre

        From 2003, CREED, with support from Central Social Welfare Board, has been implementing the Family Counseling Centre for the people in our operational areas in Cuddalore District. Through our family counseling centre we are able to solve the dispute among between husband and wife, Parents and Children, Adolescents and College Students. We have conducted Premarital Counseling Workshops for the College Students.

        In addition to that we have also conducted Mobile Counselling Campaigns at Rural Areas of operational villages in collaboration with the All Women Police Station in Chidambaram.

Short Stay Home for Women in Distress

        From 2004, CREED, with support from Central Social Welfare Board, has been running the Short Stay Home for Women in Distress in Chidambaram for the women in our operational areas. Through our Short Stay Home for Women in Distress we provide short term shelter for the women who are in distress. We provide counseling for the distressed women who were admitted in our short stay home.

        The women are also provided food, clothing and safe shelter for short period of time. During their stay they are motivated for self reliant and make them independent. Thus the women are rehabilitated through our Short Stay Home and lead a peaceful life and come out from their painful experiences in their life.

Rajiv Gandhi Creche Program for Children of Working Women

        Since 1999, CREED has been implementing the Rajiv Gandhi Creche Program for Children of Working Women. Initially we have started with two centers and presently we have been running fourteen Crèches with the support of Tamil Nadu State Social Welfare Board. Every year we are providing nutritious food for more than 350 children in these Crèches. In addition to that the Children are encouraged to learn through play way methods. The women in rural areas are now able to earn money by engaging themselves in local work by through sending their children to our Crèches. Thus the income level of the family is also increased and the poor are able to have better standard of living.

Old Age Home

        From the year 2008, CREED has been running Old Age Home for the elderly people in Parangipettai Block. The District Administration has provided the Old Age Home Building to CREED to run the Old Age Home for the elderly people who are orphan and above 60 years of age. This home is presently managed by the own fund of our organization without any financial support from external agencies and Government Departments. We have provided shelter to 26 Old Age people both men and women in our Old Age Home. The elderly people are encouraged by involving them in kitchen gardening, storytelling and group games. The inmates are provided with food, Clothing and shelter in our Old Age Home.

Aids and Appliances for Disabled People

    From the year 2000, CREED has been providing Aids and Appliances for the physically Challenged people through the Scheme of Assistance to Disabled Persons for Purchase/Fitting of Aids/Appliances. The Government of India through Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment supporting this program. In ten years period we are able to extend our support to more than 2000+ physically challenged people in six districts of Tamil nadu covering Cuddalore, Villupuram, Nagapattinam, Perambalur, Ariyalur and Tanjore.

        In the year 1993 State Award for Best Institution in Disabled Welfare was given to CREED by the Tamil nadu State Government.

Mahalir Thittam

        From 1997, CREED, with support from Tamil Nadu Development Corporation for Women, has been implementing the Women Development Program in our operational areas. Initially we have been sanctioned for one block called Kumaratchi of Cuddalore District and presently we have been authorized to work in three blocks namely Kumaratchi, Mangalore and Nallore Block covering four Town Panchayats Annamalai Nagar, Lalpettai, Pennadam and Thittakudi in Cuddalore District.

        We have promoted more than 2500+ women Self Help Groups covering 35000+ members in our operational areas. We have also facilitated the Self Help Groups to avail Banks Linkages through Direct Linkages, Revolving Fund and Economic Activity Loans. In addition to that we have also extended our support to promote Income Generation Activities with the loan fund extended to the members.

        Moreover we also organize Skill training programs for the women self help group members to enrich their skills and knowledge.

        We also facilitate market opportunities through conducting Exhibitions, in festival seasons in Chidambaram and also market tie-ups with whole sale agencies.

Micro Finance Program

       From 2007, CREED with Technical Support from CARE-South Asian Resource Team has promoted the Community Based Micro Finance Institution through organizing the Self Help Groups in our operational villages.         

        Within three years period CREED has able to supported more than 1800 Self Help Groups through Business Correspondence Model with HDFC Bank Ltd., Through CARE-SART, CREED has availed a Term Loan of Rs. 35 Lakhs and distributed the same to 41 Self Help Groups in the year 2007.

        In addition to that in the year 2008, CREED has availed sanction for 1 Crore Term Loan from Rastriya Mahila Kosh for on lending to our members. Presently we have been allotted Rs. 50 Lakhs from RMK as first lot of loan amount and CREED has also distributed the same to the Self Help Group members.

Insure Lives and Livelihoods Program

        With Support from CARE India, CREED has been implementing Insure Lives and Livelihoods Program since Jan 2008. For the Past two years we have able to cover 15000 Families under Micro Insurance Cover and providing social security to the most vulnerable people. Our target population did not have privilege to avail insurance cover. By promoting Micro Insurance Products among our target population we are proud to make them independent and self-reliant. As Entering into Partner - Agent Model with Bajaj Allainz General and Life Insurance Companies CREED has able to provide Social Security for the needy people.


Community Health Mutual Program

        From Oct 2008, CREED has been implementing the Community Health Mutual Program with support from CARE India. This Model is a Community Based Model involving the Women Self Help Group members of CREED for promotion of Health Insurance in the Rural areas of Kumaratchi Block. The Federation of Self Help Groups has been registered in the name of “THILLAI NALAVAZHVU TRUST” and the Health Insurance Program is called as “NAMAKKU NAMEE NALAVAZHVU THITTAM”.

        In one year Period CREED has able to enroll 1000+ Families under our Health Mutual Program and provided Health Insurance cover to 4000+ members of the poor households. These people do not have access to Health Insurance Cover and they are now enjoying the benefit of Health Insurance to meet out their Health Expenses.