Future Plans

      The plentiful harvest and paucity of labourers is a Biblical image very similar to the situation that CREED faces in its future plans.  There is so much work to be done in the social service sector in Tamil Nadu that an all out effort on a war-footing is required on all the war-fronts of CREED like education of tribal children, women empowerment, multifunctional training programmes, entrepreneurial interventions, mass education programmes, etc.  Some of the immediate and concrete plans are enlisted below

  • Initiation, ratification and adaptation of Institutional Policies such as Accounting Policy, Gender Policy, HR Induction Policy and the Child Protection Policy to make effect future strengthening of the internal environment and the governance processes within CREED
  • Bringing Disaster Risk Minimisation Portfolio within the broader constitution of CREED to deal with future natural calamities and risk minimisation and management measures
  • Establishment of a Special School Programme for the benefit of at least 500 children of the socially excluded Irula tribal families and sponsorship of their sustainable formal education
  • Establishment of a Multi-functional Training and Resource Centre for the general rural public and for the small and medium sized NGOs in the region to advance their technical capacities and to strengthen their professionalism, besides increasing their involvement in ethical self governance.
  • Imparting training and assistance in improving the technical skills and capabilities of rural women and community-based micro-financing institutions and providing grants and financial support for technical capacity building initiatives with the help of potential partners.
  • Initiating entrepreneurial involvements like Venture Capital interventions such as ‘Common Procurement Markets’ for rural and urban entrepreneurs, and initiatives such as ‘Sea Food Processing’ and ‘Milk Chilling Units’.
  • Bringing out effective publications highlighting the success role models of social welfare projects which can encourage, leverage and help in wider replication of such projects.
  • Providing leadership and governance education to the Local Government Leaders, especially the women leaders and the men leaders from the socially excluded sections.
  • Evolving a longer term plans to set up Livelihood Resource and Skills Advancement Centre in Chidambaram to cater to the needs of the communities, aspirant individuals and the charity administrators.